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Erik micheelsen

A simpler and more direct way for StartUp's to Innovate or Disrupt. Astrophysicist and Founder of Innovation Embassy, Erik Micheelsen shows you how to SWITCH.
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StartUp CEO or Founder, you’re aiming to Innovate or Disrupt – if not, you’re going to be your competition’s late afternoon snack. Either you’re  noise – or you’re opening doors to a new world of amazing value.

How are you going to get your customers to SEE the amazing value you’re presenting? How will you get them excited?

How do you get them to go

“This is SO me!”?

Click Genius Circles below. Find out how you’re really creating a new Fractal World and the 80/20 of it and how to monitize your new Fractal World. Learn about a mixture of storytelling, mindsets. Inside, you’ll find powerful answers.

About Me

My name is Erik Micheelsen – founder of GENIUS CIRCLES. I help StartUp CEO’s, Founders and Innovators find their unique/special/one of a kind approach to innovation and disruption. What I call, finding your SWITCH.


To learn more about SWITCH and GENIUS CIRCLES, click here.

I’ve been in this field for more than 15 years – StartUps, Corporate Businesses, and as an advisor to leaders with businesses in everything from Medtech to textiles to software.

My background as an Astrophysicist, provides me with a unique advantage of how innovation and disruption works including development and business modelling.

You will find me either right in the middle of innovating as the leader or a team member. Or helping leaders as an advisor or a coach on strategy and tactics such as closed or open, co-creative or hackathon and many more.

I’ve developed 80/20 methods, tools and programs that are designed, not as learning materials but to be used in the thick of action. As an Astrophysicist, I’ve been brought up to understand the fractal nature of this universe and through SWITCH, I’m showing you how you’re really making a new fractal reality when you innovate or disrupt.

Over the years, I’ve grown a passion for innovation at a global scale and the leaders who do it. Here at, I share with you some of the best lessons learned along the way on what they do and how they do it. I call it Global Stage.

Genius Circles is designed to take you from finding your SWITCH all the way to your Global Stage, based on your strength, edge and strategy. Go to Genius Circles and I’ll help you find out if this is for you.


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