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Disruption Workshop for Leaders

by May 8, 2017

Dear leader.

Regarding Disruption, I’d like to do something a bit different. I made a “Christmas-Disruption Quiz” because I thought it would be fun to ask people what their disruption wishes are. What Disruption-workshop would you want under the Christmas tree?

If you could take just 5 minutes – it’ll tell me the hottest thing about disruption you’d like to see in a workshop. Even 30 seconds would a) be a huge help and b) most importantly, I’ll be able to use that information to design a disruption workshop for leaders on the topics you are interested in.

Now imagine having attended the Disruption-workshop and walking away with a smile because this workshop was designed for you. Take a sec to tell me. Click here.

Let’s have some fun – and something useful! Click here

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